Comments Due on February 25, 2021

The public review period for the Revised Draft Agricultural Order 4.0 is from January 26, 2021 through February 25, 2021.  Written comments must be received by 11:59pm on February 25, 2021 and may be submitted via email to with “Comments on Revised Draft Ag Order 4.0” in the subject line.  Read Notice.

Revisions Made to Revised Draft of Ag Order 4.0

  • Addition of discount factor for organic fertilizers

  • Addition of nitrogen scavenging credit for cover crops and high carbon amendments

  • Addition of third-party cooperative alternative compliance pathway for groundwater protection and trend monitoring

  • Addition of third-party program priority areas and follow-up implementation work plan due dates for surface water protection

  • Streamlined total nitrogen applied (TNA) and irrigation and nutrient management plan (INMP) summary reporting section

  • Streamlined surface water protection requirements section

  • Removal of slope and certified sediment and erosion control plan requirements for impermeable surfaces

  • Removal of riparian area management requirements (i.e., riparian area management plan, and operational and riparian setbacks), but with continued and modified requirements to document and maintain existing riparian areas.

SSJ GSA Comment Letters



Electronic copies of the Draft EIR and revised Draft Agricultural Order 4.0 can be obtained from the Central Coast Water Board website at:

Supporting Documents

Ag Order 4.0 Talking Points

Ag Order 4.0 Key Elements

Ag Order 4.0 Annual Compliance Form



The proposed project (Draft Agricultural Order 4.0) is the issuance of a permit regulating waste discharges from irrigated lands throughout the central coastal region. The purpose of Agricultural Order 4.0 is to protect and restore beneficial uses and achieve water quality objectives specified in the Basin Plan for commercial irrigated agricultural areas in the central coast region. The proposed project would replace the existing permit regulating agricultural discharges (Agricultural Order 3.0).  The Draft EIR identified potentially significant environmental impacts to agricultural resources.   

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