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Please provide your feedback!   The public comment period ends at 8am on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.  Read Ag Order 4.0.  Additional resources and supporting documents provided below.

It is very important for Farmers to send in their comments.  This is the Industry’s best chance to influence the final regulations.  The State Board lost two law suits over public access to monitoring data and for assigning most farming operations low reporting requirements.  The State Board is taking those losses as a mandate to create a much more restrictive approach State-wide.   They are also shifting the burden for testing, reporting, policing and administering local groundwater to local groups similar to GSAs with none of the powers a GSA has.  Our Region 3 Groundwater Control Board for SLO, Monterey and SB Counties has started the process to create AG Order 4.0 that will include much more extensive reporting and will allow that reporting to become Public. 

  • Requirement to Participate in Outreach Events

  • Farm Evaluations

  • Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

  • Nitrogen Management Plans

  • Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring

  • Groundwater Quality Monitoring

  • Surface Water and Groundwater Quality Management Plans

  • Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

  • Water Board Use of Submitted Data


“The Regional Water Boards have the flexibility to develop alternative reporting areas…as long as…provides meaningful data and balances the level of detail with the reporting burden”.


Written comments must be received by 8:00am, Tuesday, January 22, 2019.


Please send written comments to AgNOI@waterboards.ca.gov and indicate in the subject line, “Comments
to Ag Order 4.0 Options Tables.”